Star Stable Online Cheats

4 nützliche Lifehacks StarCoins ohne Bug oder HackStar Stable ? MiLa #sso #starstable

Open -> Star Stable Hack Tool

►Fragen? Hier findest du vielleicht schon deine Antwort

Wie heißt du auf SSO??
Ich heiße Vivien Lightninghall

Welches Level bist du?✨
Ich bin Level 21

In welchen Club bist du??
Im Moment bin ich in keinem Club

Auf welchen Server bist du??
Ich bin auf Server 8 Kiwi Galaxy

Wie viele Pferde hast du??
Mehr als 40 Pferdis

Welche Programme benutzt du??
Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects

Wann kommen neue Videos??
Ich lade jede Woche ein neues Video hoch

Hey guys! So I was playing around with the camera setting and I found out by just changing some settings you can get a FREE HORSE. This works really well and I never thought I’d be able to figure this out! Ovberiosuly this wasn’t attempted. Try this ASAP before SSO find out and block it/make sure it doesn’t continue happening. ENJOY (P.S I don’t know if this works for several horses, it might only be one)

HAHA. JUST KIDDING. Really sorry – hope I didnt get your hopes up. Obv this is fake as the horse is already level 2….. Please don’t try glitching the game. If you want a ‘free’ horse, just save and keep an eye out on star coin codes. I currently have 13 horses and loads of tack and I haven’t spent a PENNY on this game. (I got given this account years ago completely hacked with nothing, the person quit and left, so I got given it. I saved all my star coins for my horses.)

Open -> Star Stable Hack Tool