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5 MTB Tools that Live in your Bike

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Today we’ll look at mountain bike tools that live on or inside of your bike. By having all the essentials on hand, you eliminate the need for a backpack on short rides. I can get on board with that!

Industry Nine Matchstix
Topeak Ninja
All in Multitool
Sychros Matchbox Tailor

One Up Components EDC
EDC Pump
EDC Tap Kit
EDC Top Cap

Life Straw Filter Bottle
26oz Bike Bottle

Although One Up and i9 supplied their tools for review, I had to spend my money on the rest of these. So I’d like to thank my Patrons for making that possible. For two dollars per month they support this channel, and in return I give them a one hour ask me anything podcast, premier screening, uncensored videos, and best of all exclusive episodes.

As a follow up to the video, I actually decided to use the One Up EDC instead. After examining the Synchros more closely, reading comments, and doing some tests, I found that the pump is not as effective as it seems. To fill the same tire with my Crankbrothers pump takes less than HALF the strokes, and with the EDC pump, a third. Furthermore, the Synchros does not have a 6mm, which may or may not matter to some. I still think the Synchros is a good product, but the EDC is worth the extra weight and bulk to me.

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