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Hello! Welcome or welcome back to my channel! I love Star Stable Online and creating videos! And I hope that you like the things I create! โ™ก

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โ†ฌ Character Autumn Maplestreet
โ†ฌ Night Star
โ†ฌ 20
โ†ฌ Doom Girls
โ†ฌ Edit & Record Wondershare Filmora & Fraps
โ†ฌ Where are you from? I’m from the USA!
โ†ฌ Can I meet you on SSO? Of course! If you see me in-game, come say hi!

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โ†ฌ Background Aaron Smith – Dancin’ (KRONO Remix)

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Hey guys welcome back to another video and welcome if ur new
Today I’m showing u how to get FREE STAR COINS WITHOUT HACKING OR CODES so let’s take u through the steps!!
1 make email account
2 verify that email
3 make an new star stable account USING THE NEW EMAIL
4 go to recruit a friend and invite either your main account or the new account
5play up to level 4
6 log off
7 log in like ur gonna buy star rider or star coins
8 click recruit a friend
9 scroll down and click take star coins
10 log into BOTH accounts to make sure u have the 150 SC
11 u can do this 3 times so yea
Hope this help and hope yall enjoyed bye
Sso server pumpkin meadow
Name Alyssa Bunnyhoof
Lvl 16 almost 17
Club ice doves legacy (Mandy Mooncastle owns it)
Horses 7
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Open -> Star Stable Hack Tool