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9 unique & effective ways to save your star coins | sso | alexandra wolfkeep

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☽ In this video, I talk about nine different and unique ways to help you save up on those star coins! Be sure to watch if there’s something you wanna buy but can’t afford 🙁 ♡

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☆ So sorry for being really behind on my posting schedule. I work two “jobs” atm, I’m in a club, I’m getting back into art, then I also have youtube to worry about now, so it’s a lot :,) Hopefully I’ll be back to posting regularly now though!

☽ Hello, I’m Alexandra Wolfkeep! I go by the nickname Wolfy. My channel mainly covers the game Star Stable Online, but there may be a few stray videos. Be sure to subscribe and follow me on Instagram for more content ♡

Open -> Star Stable Hack Tool