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How to have more than 10000js ? | Jorvik Shilling Lifehack?| Star Stable Online⭐️

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The best way to earn JS in SSO without using any hacks

In this video I’m showing you a method in SSO which will enable you to never use Star Coins again on something it’s possible to buy with shillings! This is something I do every single day on both my main and alt account, and it’s really useful, especially since it indirectly lets you be in possession of way more shillings than 10 000js which is the max limit of js in Star Stable Online?

I really hope you will find this video useful ?
/Ava Turtlenight

| Timestamps |
00:00 Intro & Summary
01:05 How does it work?
04:04 What to do when you need shillings?
06:34 Outro

| Featuring |
Vanda Batsky & DragonTail

| Music |
New Morning – TrackTribe
Shadowing – Corbyn Kites

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