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HACK OR NOT?? Nope! No hacks, bugs or glitches. I bought these star coins (in 4 years). I got moved to another region’s server therefore I had to start the game from the beginning. Right now, I don’t have anything except star coins. My previous level, character, horses, clothing, gear… All of these are gone. So what do you think, is it a gain or a loss?
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1-How did you move there?

My country is located between Europe and Asia (positioned mostly in Asia). I live in the european side of the country and I used to be on an European server. First, all the european servers I could move to dissappeared from my “move server” page. Then, they created a server for people who live in Asia, and since my country is positioned 95% in Asia they included my country as well. Even though I live in the european side, I was able to move there.

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SSO is an online multiplayer game about horses. Every player takes care of their horse, participates in many interesting adventures and quests.
It’s the best place for every person who love horses & mysteries!

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