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THE CURLY – Arrives in Jorvik on October 16th!😍

With its distinctive wooly coat, the Curly is as cuddly as a teddy bear, but beneath its plush exterior is the brave heart of a grizzly. If you’re looking for a clever companion with a friendly disposition and exceptional endurance, the Curly ticks all the boxes!

But where does the Curly’s remarkable coat actually come from? The horse world is divided about the Curly’s origin in the Americas, leading to different breed names and studbooks for horses of similar traits. Some believe that the Curly descends from the Russian Bashkir, while others cite evidence that curly coats have been present in Mustangs in the American Midwest since at least 200 years. During the Curly’s early years of recognition, other breeds were mingled into the studbook as well, such as the gaited Misourri Fox Trotter.

Whatever the origins, once you’ve run your fingers through its soft, crimped hair, it is clear the Curly is one of nature’s miracles! But the Curly’s unique coat and kinky mane are not merely appealing to the eye. Their hair is hypoallergenic, allowing even those with horse allergies to ride them without incident.

Calm, hard-working, and very intelligent, Curlies make excellent horses for new riders and serious competitors alike. They are all-rounders with exceptional stamina, perfect for riders that enjoy a variety of disciplines, both English and Western, but they particularly excel at trail riding. While in the rest of the world, only a small portion of Curlies are gaited, on Jorvik, all Curlies are born with this exceptional trait! Called the “Curly Shuffle,” this signature gait is perfect for loping along Jorvik’s many trails.

Whether you’re looking for a gaited companion for hacking about or a hard-working competition horse that won’t upset allergies, the cozy Curly is sure to bring joy to your stable.

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