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Hello and Welcome to L. E. G.
In this video I detail the process I went through in order to obtain lifetime star rider. This does not have any “hacks” or “glitches” but rather is simply utilizing the Internets resources and jumping through a few loopholes 😉

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As mentioned in the video, if you signup through my account and earn 300SB within your first 30 days, then we both get a bonus 300 SB for it 🙂

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Note :

These Codes May Expire After the Expiry date. So we don’t know when these codes will expire. Hurry and claim your rewards in game. Just put these codes provided inside the video and get amazing gifts with these new redeem codes.
Never blame or comment badly, if you watched this video too late. Because at the time of this video publication all codes are working perfect.


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Open -> Star Stable Hack Tool