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We review how to gain power and grow quickly in Rise of Kingdoms (rok) as a 100% free to play player. This guide covers topics such as resource gathering/farming, gathering commanders, jumper and farm accounts, and gathering gems. We also review action point spending as well as timing to win events like the Mightiest Governor. Leave a comment if there are any tips that you’d add!

We are an official member of the ROK Community Program, and are sponsored by Lilith Games!

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— Chapters —
0:00 How to gain power in Rise of Kingdoms
1:01 Gather tons of resources
2:45 Invest in your gathering commanders EARLY
3:26 Create a farm account
4:30 Create a ‘jumper’ for a head start
5:43 Gather gems
6:38 Always spend your action points (AP)
9:22 Save action point potions
9:57 Save to win events (or not)
11:36 Get into an exceptional kingdom and alliance

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